Wednesday, October 6, 2010

XXL Magazine Kanye West Article (feed back)

I know a lot of rappers hate bloggers, however this needs to be blogged about. In my life I have never been inspired by a male role model or ever had one but recently there has been on person that has inspired me to do what I want and don't let anyone put you down on it and that person is Kanye West, Kanye from what I can recall at fashion night out is by far the coolest person I have meet and is really down to earth but in reading this article and the words he created for us to read you see a more deeper character then what society See's him as. From his early childhood until adultery Kanye has grew from being judged upon appearance to not caring what people thinks and being himself and this is what teens should look up to. Someone not only willing to share his thoughts and be himself but someone who has overcome his dreams and contradicted anyone who has shot down his dreams. In reality all male role models should have traits like Kanye.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

P- Diddys Sytlus Derek Roche interview

After a day in the city and the grind coming to an end I had the great opportunity to meet Derek Roch( P-Diddy's Stylist). So while in the G-shock section while he was viewing watches I had the chance to interview him and ask him questions about Diddy and himself.

Q:How is it working for Diddy?
A: Exciting,Challenging,Fun,and hard.

Q:How long have you been working for Diddy?
A: three years but in Diddy years 30 long years

Q:How old are you?

Q:How did you start off as a person
A:Well I a friend referred me and before that I have worked for Ralph Lauren, Vibe magazine and Conde Nast

Q:Is Diddy Picky
A: He's not picky he just knows what he likes

"Thanks for the brief interview enjoy the rest of your day"
"Your welcome"(handshake)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sorry Guys

Sorry guys, I have been away for a while with new things going on in my life such as making mix tapes and getting legal status on my clothing company and college everything has been huge for me and I appreciate the love and support from my followers and my twitter followers @StupidSwagReem hope all is well.
Kareem Tunstall

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Duckie Brown at FWNY

Hey bloggers, just sharing my train of thoughts. Today was a good day even though the aftermath of the snow looks horrible, however FWNYC(fashion week NYC) was the best Duckie Brown impressed me once again and I got an great opportunity to meet Daniel Simmons, he seems pretty cool and not arrogant like the rest of these "Celebs" one day I hope i get there to become a celeb and I would promise the world no arrogance.

Stay tuned for pics and vids of the show,

Peace and Rocket ships Kareem Tunstall.

Thursday, January 28, 2010