Thursday, May 13, 2010

P- Diddys Sytlus Derek Roche interview

After a day in the city and the grind coming to an end I had the great opportunity to meet Derek Roch( P-Diddy's Stylist). So while in the G-shock section while he was viewing watches I had the chance to interview him and ask him questions about Diddy and himself.

Q:How is it working for Diddy?
A: Exciting,Challenging,Fun,and hard.

Q:How long have you been working for Diddy?
A: three years but in Diddy years 30 long years

Q:How old are you?

Q:How did you start off as a person
A:Well I a friend referred me and before that I have worked for Ralph Lauren, Vibe magazine and Conde Nast

Q:Is Diddy Picky
A: He's not picky he just knows what he likes

"Thanks for the brief interview enjoy the rest of your day"
"Your welcome"(handshake)