Wednesday, October 6, 2010

XXL Magazine Kanye West Article (feed back)

I know a lot of rappers hate bloggers, however this needs to be blogged about. In my life I have never been inspired by a male role model or ever had one but recently there has been on person that has inspired me to do what I want and don't let anyone put you down on it and that person is Kanye West, Kanye from what I can recall at fashion night out is by far the coolest person I have meet and is really down to earth but in reading this article and the words he created for us to read you see a more deeper character then what society See's him as. From his early childhood until adultery Kanye has grew from being judged upon appearance to not caring what people thinks and being himself and this is what teens should look up to. Someone not only willing to share his thoughts and be himself but someone who has overcome his dreams and contradicted anyone who has shot down his dreams. In reality all male role models should have traits like Kanye.


  1. I agree. Kanye is a great role model for those who want to learn how to live outside of the rules.

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